Nice to meet ya. 

My name's Kels, or BelseyKurns, depending on how we've met.

I'm a marketer, graphic designer and creative currently living in Ottawa, Ontario. It was a big move from Colorado, but ultimately the smartest career move I've ever made; being somewhere without a network pushed me past my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles. 

A few things I've dipped my toes into:

  • blogging
  • copy editing
  • managing multiple social media accounts simultaneously
  • designing for web
  • designing for print
  • designing logos,
  • building brands from scratch (aka lots of concepts)
  • rebranding (aka still lots of concepts)
  • freelancing
  • selling my own art (the world of print on demand & drop shipping)
  • working for start ups
  • working for big corporations
  • volunteering
  • consulting
  • collaborative projects
  • independent projects
  • UI & landing page design
  • SEO, PPC & Email Marketing
  • email automation & segmenting (creepy, but cool)
  • learning how to code (still tackling this one)

All to say: the secret to great work is to solely invest time into things you believe in. If it's important or meaningful from the get-go, the rest will fall into place. 

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Recognize me from CreativeMornings Ottawa? 😎

I started as a guest in 2016, and have since become a Core Volunteer Team Member, helping with design, social media, comms, and day-of assistance checking-in visitors, stacking/unstacking chairs, live-tweeting and, well, you name it.

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