Kelsey Burns


A lil about me

I see things a bit differently; through a lens of patterns, textures and vivid color.

I'm a graphic designer, marketer and all-around caffeinated creative!
My work grows happily outward from strategy, focusing on communicating carefully crafted message, and seeing projects through from start to finish. 

Everything I do is focused around creativity and communication, always looking for ways to evolve.

You and me, we'd make a great team.
Ready to collaborate? Get in touch with me!


Although I'm always down to do my own thing, I'm a huge advocate of creative collaboration. You might know me from my work with:

Creative Mornings Ottawa
I started as a guest in 2016, started volunteering in 2017, and became a Core Team Member in 2018! I preach Creative Mornings to everyone because it's freaking fantastic and everyone walks away with something, even if it's only the free breakfast.  

Ladies Wine Design, Ottawa
In 2017 I was asked to spearhead the Ottawa chapter and am part of the Core Organizers on a monthly basis. We're always welcoming new members too!

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